The Whiskey Cocktail Party Box

The Whiskey Cocktail Party Box is the all-in-one whiskey cocktail party. 


The Whiskey Cocktail Party Box brings you the best of world borbons as well as ginger liquor, angostura bitters, ginger beer, gomme syrup and honey. Using four pieces of professional cocktail making equipment, make 4 different recipes of whiskey cocktails, 4-6 times each, as well as any of your own exciting creation, a total of 20 cocktails.


*the box is guaranteed to make: 

- 4 Kentucky Mule

- 4 Penecillin

- 6 Mint Julep

- 6 Whiskey Sour  

The Whiskey Cocktail Party Box

  • In the box:


    - 700ml Woodford Reserve Borbon 

    - 2 x 500ml Fever Tree Ginger Beer

    - 250ml Frobishers Cranberry Juice 

    - 250ml Monin Sugar Syrup 

    - 50ml Kings Ginger Liquor 

    - 200ml Angostura Bitters

    - 340g Rowse Honey

    - 4 crafted cocktail recipes

    - 50ml/25ml Jigger Spirit Measure

    - Fruit Juicer

    - 11" Twisted Bar Spoon with Layering Disc

    - 20 Self Seal Ice Cube Bags

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